Thursday, July 31, 2014

Veronica's Bachelorette Party

Last night was Veronica's bachelorette party. In fact, it took up quite a bit of the day! They did a practice run with her hair and make-up, which looked fantastic! Then, some of the girls headed out to Sawtooth Winery for some wine tasting. I didn't take time off work for that portion of the day since it's a new job and I didn't want to take off too much time for the wedding, especially since I have a trip planned in a month. So, my mom, aunt Taunya and I met up with the group at Fork for dinner.  (horrible reservation management BTW) The food was great, I got Veronica some naughty lingerie, and we had some great drinks and laughs. Afterwards, the group of girls headed out for dancing. They had a great time and I believe Veronica is still drunk as we speak! Here are some pictures I borrowed from the girls.

Tonight is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!

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