Thursday, January 31, 2013

Movie Review: Take This Waltz

Blurb:  Take This Waltz is a 2011 Canadian romantic comedy-drama film.[3][4] The film centers on Margot (Michelle Williams), a 28 year old freelance writer who lives in a charming house on a leafy street in Toronto's Little Portugal neighbourhood, as she struggles with and examines her feelings for Lou (Seth Rogen), her husband of five years, while exploring a new relationship with Daniel, an artist and rickshaw driver who lives across the street.
This movie was one that I picked out. Eric wasn't a huge fan. I LOVED it. I totally understood it, and it brought out a lot of emotion. Something about it is just totally awkward - especially watching the strange, even confusing, interactions between Margot and Lou, as husband and wife. Some that really leave you scratching your head, wondering why the hell these two ever got married. It's a very different role for Rogen, and Sarah Silverman also plays an intriguing role. Overall, I simply loved this movie. It has some funny parts, some awkward parts, some parts I still don't understand.....the characters seem to be underdeveloped, but in a strange way, the entire thing makes sense. Give it a chance!

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