Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Trip to Visit {Easton}

Last weekend, my parents and I took a 4-day weekend up to Billings to visit Dana and Veronica's new baby, Easton. The roads to and from were pretty decent, for the most part. It didn't help the nerves that, on the day before we left, there was a massive wreck by Twin Falls. That definitely set us on edge a little, but we didn't really encounter any nasty road conditions.
Overall, I think we had a great trip. We spent each evening battling it out in Trivial Pursuit. In case anyone kept score (of course we did), the girls ended up winning overall, 3-2. Naturally. ;)  It was also frigid in Montana. Single digits all day, with nasty winds. Not very fun if you had to be outside. We also cooked a lot (leaving several meals for Dana and Veronica so they wouldn't have to cook for quite a while), and watched a ton of football. My kind of sports weekend!
I also had two little shoots with Easton. The first one, he was such a trooper! The second one, I think he caught on to what we were doing, and the shoot was much shorter and the pacifier played a much bigger role. :)  Can't say that I blame him - we photographers are pretty demanding. ;) 
Here are some shots of our visit:


Jacqueline said...

Those turned out really good! :)

Creative Mish said...

All of your pictures are just precious!