Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life Update {01232013}

Chaotic:  adjective; completely confused or disordered:

I feel as though this is what my life has become.  I don't even know where to start this post - holy cow.

One of the things I wanted to do this year was get back into regular blogging. Meaningful blogging - not just updates on any given photography-related shoot. Not just pics of my kids, or recaps of vacations - though there will be plenty of both this year. I wanted to get back to posts about me, what's going on, random/amusing things I found during the week, and the typical controversial stuff I like to throw out there. I'm not one to censor myself - I find that to be a strong personality trait, within reason. Weekly posts seem to be a good way to break up the picture posts, etc. I also might go back to doing movie and book reviews.

Having said all that, here is this week's post.

We have a little break between all the dental stuff. Carter had a failed treatment this week, which means we pushed out the renewed attempt for a few weeks, to give him time to not be so scared, and to give me time to get him talked into this last session. I don't go in for my next ortho appt until mid-February. We are waiting on pre-authorization from Regence for the oral surgery; I'm told this could take 2-6 weeks. As soon as that rolls in, we are proceeding full steam ahead. I had a bad night where I had myself totally talked out of this entire process. However, thinking of the end result has renewed my drive to see this out.

I'm also crazy deep in planning this:

We switched around two of our vacations this year. Originally, Disney was going to take place in August. Then we realized how insane that was, and moved it to the beginning of May, when the majority of kids would still be in school. This meant pushing out the trip to visit my best friend, Meag, until the end of July. I'm okay with that - some of the series we were thinking about seeing were better in July. I'm soooooo ready for baseball to start back up! I'm also blocking off weekends on the photography calendar for camping. Camping is going to happen in a big way this year. I have missed it so much!

I found this link today and it's right up my alley. I think everyone knows how I feel about a woman's right to her own body, and decisions regarding the same, other women's rights, and equality. This sums that up nicely - excuse some of the profanity.

I also saw this, which made me giggle:

The only thing I'm going to say about all this gun talk is this: it seems like most of the people bitching don't even OWN an assault rifle. How credible do you sound complaining about something you don't even have?! It's not like someone is taking away your favorite toy. If you don't have one, don't act all put out about it. And second (see, I couldn't stop), why do people NEED them? Do defend their home? Are they that bad of a shot that they can't take someone out with a handgun or other single shot rifle? Ok - enough about that because I really could go on.

I took Monday off and rewarded myself with a three day weekend. I've been scrapbooking regularly recently - so nice to be back to that! I need to get caught up! I also spent most of Monday morning watching the Inauguration. Very awesome, and I'm so proud!

Obviously not everyone is an Obama supporter like me. However, I am damn proud to be living in a country where we have the right to choose our leader and celebrate accordingly. It was fun to watch the ceremony and the performances and dances.

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