Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Have you seen it?

Admittedly, I am not the most patient person in the world. I own that. I would like to say, however, that having kids has expanded my patience. I don't beat them [in public]. My tolerance level is increasing with every passing stage. 


LATELY, it seems like both kids are teaming up against me. Kendall has been sick for what seems like an eternity now. In real time, probably a little over a month. I finally had Eric take her in to the doctor Monday because I just couldn't take it anymore. Her fever of 102 had lasted four days, but that's something I can manage. The GRUMP in her that has taken over? No-can-do. The whining, the attitude (she just discovered "no" - yes, it's that fun in my house), the wanting to be held but wanting to be put down 1.2 seconds later, the not eating............the list really does go on. It has slowly chipped away at this polished exterior [be quiet]. 

And then there's Carter. For the most part, he's in a fun stage right now. He's expressive, yet emotional at times. He understands sarcasm and speaks it quite well. It's just fun. Most of the time. The attitude, shockingly, is another story. The not listening is still something that needs to be worked on and is quite tiresome. 

I have them both coming at me. And I know this is something that isn't going to go away. I like to say I'm pretty good with rolling with the punches, but it seems like I just can't catch a break with these two. 

Maybe regular visits to the liquor store will help?

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