Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wedding Update

So, again, it's been a while since I have posted an update on the wedding. And this will probably be my last update since the wedding is just over two weeks away. Two weeks, folks.
We selected a DJ and we have our final meeting with them this weekend. I will turn in my sheet with my musical selections and then put my trust in them to make it a magical evening.
The flowers are ordered. I'm not a flower person so I have this fear that they will all look like crap. But it's their job to make it look good, so they better do it! I had the final meeting with the florist a week or so ago. I have lost all track of time.
The invitations are gone. Sent. Forgotten about. Hardly anyone has RSVP'd and that makes me mad. But whatever. I can't control the world, right? I wish people would just pick up the phone and make a call.....even if they are assuming that I am assuming they will be there. It would still be nice to have a decent count.

Carter has his tux. He's so darn cute! It needs to be hemmed up a little bit, but that's no big deal. I still need to get him some shoes, but I'm in no hurry on that. There will be shoes any time I'm ready to go fork over my money.
The guys all went in for the tux fitting this last weekend. So that's out of the way, thank god. Somehow, we managed to get them all in on the same day and time - miracles DO happen.
Eric is headed out for his bachelor party this weekend....the boys are taking boats and camping/fishing gear and making a weekend of it. Oh, and there are kegs involved. Surprise surprise. So Carter and I will have the weekend to ourselves. Yee-haw!
My bachelorette party will be Sunday, August 31st......Monday is a holiday, ya know! Party extra late!
The gifts for the bridesmaids have been purchased. That's a secret. :-)
I am still stressing about the little things that need to be bought......picture, matte, frame, tiara, votives for cake table, hotel in Tampa before the cruise, etc. I'm stressing big time. Eric was laid off for a week, so his last paycheck and this coming paycheck will be short, meaning he will literally have no money to contribute to the honeymoon. So I'm wondering if we will even be doing anything "fun" or drinking, lol. I'm sure it will all come together.........somehow. (If you are reading this, ditch the wedding registry and just give us cash - we are desperate)
My out-of-town bridesmaids will be here next weekend and I'm so damn excited to see them. We get a whole week to visit this time, so hopefully we can cram everything in.
Reservations for the venue of the rehearsal dinner were made today....for 20 people. That's a lot of people! Old Chicago-downtown Boise. I am stoked. One of my old stomping grounds back in the day, lol!
My mother and I did a walk-through at the venue for the wedding; making sure the count for tables/chairs/linens were accurate.
I got a new ring. Eric got his ring.

I think that's it. I can't think of anything else right now. I'm just ready for this day to be here so we can get the party on. Hope to see you there!!

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mrskeller said...

see, i told you! no one rsvp's! they're all assholes! that pissed me off more than anything else.

why did you get a new ring?