Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Way is Better

So I have not been having the best of luck with some of the slow cooker meals I have cooked lately. So last night, I made dinner from a recipe I am familiar with: chicken pasta parmesan.
First, I seasoned and cooked the chicken in 2 tbs. of veg. oil.

Once that was done, I set the chicken aside and cooked the onions in the drippings from the chicken. Once the onions were tender and brown, I added the cream of chicken soup and parmesan cheese (and a little bit of milk). I let that thicken up a bit and put the chicken back in to simmer while the noodles were cooking.

Someone felt the need to take a picture of me cooking, as proof, or something like that. Whatever!

Once the noodles were done, I drained them and then added the topping. Delish!!


mrskeller said...


i found it hard to take pictures while i was cooking, it messed with my flow. do you feel that way?

Michelle said...

This does look delish!!!