Sunday, August 17, 2008

Contrary to Popular Belief......

....well, just Eric's....I CAN cook. And I can cook well when I want to. And when I'm not being harassed by those who think they are better cooks than me.
Eric's mom got us a slow-cooker for Christmas and we have cooked in it a couple times. Eric made a delicious chili last week and today, it's my turn. I decided to make pork chops. Honey cinnamon pork chops with carrots, to be exact.

First, I chopped carrots and added those to the slow-cooker.

Then I seasoned the pork chops.

Then it was time to add the tomato soup, honey, and cinnamon.

Then Eric came in and added his ingredient he adds to everything......even cereal. Just kidding.

Then I mixed it all together and dumped it into the slow cooker. Set the time for four hours. Check back later to see the final result!

1 comment:

mrskeller said...

typical man, adding garlic to EVERYTHING and thinking they're a cooking GOD because of it.