Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I feel naked

So I am without my camera. I don't know how to function. Eric had his bachelor party camping trip this weekend and came home without the camera. It's not lost. It's not ruined. It's just residing in someone else's truck at the moment.....45 minutes away. And it's calling to me. I hear it at all off hours of the night, drifting in on a light breeze.
Seriously - how lame am I? How dependent have I become on this little piece of technology that documents every moment of my child's life? I want it back. I wanted it back like three days ago. Granted, nothing too monumental has happened in our house to warrant pictures. But still. I neeeeed that camera.
And I'm stressed. Which made me sick. Or, it might have been my son. He got sick Friday. Was up every two hours. Same thing Saturday night. And Sunday night. By yesterday morning, when it was time to wake up for work, I laughed. No way was I going to work. So I called in sick. Dropped the child off at daycare, went home and pulled the covers over my head. The ONLY reason I woke back up was because I had someone coming to my house at 12:30 to buy some stuff I listed on Craigslist. That's the ONLY reason my behind left the couch. I started to feel better yesterday afternoon, but this morning, I have no voice. And my nose is stuffy. So, I popped some sinus infection meds this morning. Whether or not I have one remains to be seen. But you can bet I'm going to fight it off with those meds. Afterall, the wedding is NEXT freakin' week!! I will not be sick for it.

And then to ADD to my stress, I hear this morning driving in to work that Carnival Cruise lines are diverting their cruises because of hurricane threats today. Fabulous. Is this going to happen to us and RUIN our honeymoon?! I have been losing sleep over this. Seriously.


Cristie said...

Don and I cruised right after Katrina. We were supposed to port out of New Orleans but got diverted to Houston. And then one of our stops (Playa Del Carmen) got cancelled because the island was in shambles and we still stopped at Cozumel, but it was in pretty bad shape too. But you just have to make the best of it and you will still have a wonderful time!! Quit stressing. It will all work out!

mrskeller said...

definitely stop stressing. if you think about it, it wont accomplish anything. also go see a doctor and get some meds for whatever is making you sick - you don't want to be sick on your big day. the sooner the better, you also dont want to be on antibiotics on your big day or the days following - antibiotics = no alcohol.

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

we cruised during a hurricane...we went diferent places..but who cares....it is still fun...no worries.

Michelle said...

Everything will work out.. Thats what my Mama always told me.. and you know.. it always did. Maybe not the original plan but everything works out..