Sunday, October 19, 2014

The First Round of Fall Family Shoots

I opened up my annual fall family shoot special for a very limited time this year. I selected a few dates and decided to just take what I felt comfortable with, versus taking them ALL and trying to cram in shoots and editing, and going insane in the process. Here are some shots from the first round:
This family was new to me, and the two boys made the shoot rather difficult. The older boy, a senior in high school, definitely didn't want to be there and really gave me nothing to work with. All attitude and little cooperation. I wanted to toss him into one of the ponds at Kathryn Albertson Park.
This family returned from last year and I was pretty anxious about it. The twin boys were not exactly cooperative last year, and that's being polite. This year wasn't really all that much better. Most of the stuff I got was candid because there wasn't much interest in the camera.
Round two was much better - stick around!

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CreativeMish said...

Great photo's. Is that the Tillman twins?