Sunday, October 12, 2014

Deer Valley, Utah

This weekend, our firm had a working retreat and it took place in Deer Valley, Utah. We were all up well before the crack of dawn Friday morning to make an early flight. I have to say, the time management for the Boise office was really poor. The Salt Lake office is huge, and close to Deer Valley, so none of them had to catch a plane or endure hours and hours of downtime.  When we arrived in Salt Lake City, we still had five hours before the attorneys had to report for their meetings.  (Note: the retreat was for attorneys and paralegals only.) We had several rental cars, so everyone pretty much split up and did their own thing. My aunt, her shareholder (for whom I also work cases), and I decided to poke around downtown. We walked through all of City Creek Center, which was just incredible. If you haven't seen it, definitely make it a priority next time you are in Salt Lake.  ( Since the shareholder is big time Mormon, we toured through Temple Square. While I had zero interest in the subject matter, I did appreciate a lot of the architecture.
Once we got to Deer Valley, the attorneys all headed into their day-long meetings. The Boise paralegals were the only once there since the Salt Lake folks were still working. We didn't have to be anywhere until the big dinner later that evening. We decided to walk through Main Street in Park City (very fun place!) and then take a city bus over to the outlet malls for some major shopping.

We spent several hours doing that before heading back to Deer Valley.
Before dinner that evening, we had a fantastic cocktail hour, where we got to mingle with all of the Salk Lake employees. We see them all quite often through all of the video conferences we do between our offices, but getting together in person is always more fun. The dinner was delicious and we got to hear some major history of the firm. I know for sure that the firm was relocated to SLC in 1882, but I believe it was founded prior to that. Needless to say, it's been around for quite some time!  We have 255 employees (130 of which (attorneys and paralegals) were at the retreat) between all of our locations.
Saturday was really the only time the paralegals had working meetings, which were followed by a summary report to the attorneys. It was a great brainstorming time.
After the retreat closed out, we still had several hours before our flight. Some of the Boise group headed back to Park City for a nice lunch and some ice cream. Then we settled in at a bar in the airport to have drinks and watch the MLB Playoffs.
We managed to sneak into Boise last night right before a storm hit - so glad we weren't up in the air for that! When I stepped off the plane, we were right next to the Boise State plane, so I had to grab a picture for Carter, who was waiting inside for me. He was so excited to see it!

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