Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Return to the Field

I have been waiting for this night for a long damn time. I know the rest of the family has, too. It was only fitting that the Aces' last game was tonight, while Dana was in town for his wedding. He brought all of his gear, suited up, and took the field. Just like old times. What a great night, kicked off by Dana taking a grounder to the face during warm-up. I guess both bride AND groom will be wearing heavy make-up for the big day!
Just ice your face, I'm sure it'll be fine by Friday!  I'm waiting for my dad to say, "does your face hurt......"  Gets a laugh every time.
I handed out 478 popsicles tonight to the kids. Not really.....but I believe Kendall had about seven.
Dana had a good night at the place - on base percentage was .1000 with some hits, a walk, and a hit-by-pitch.
Carter and Gabe reunited for another game!
Mom and her mini-me.
More of Veronica's family has rolled into town for the wedding. We had a massive cheering section tonight!
My cousin, Matt, going yard.
Veronica and the popsicle monster.
My cousin, Brian, at the hot corner.
Good ole Mike - 65 and still pitching.
My uncle Rod, the intense coach.
Danny Ryan out at second for this game.
Mitch (Gabe's dad) pounded in a few hits too.
Dana for one of his hits.
Brian, mister intensity, at the plate, knocking in some runs.
Matt up again, no homer this time, but definitely a good hit.
Elliot is a long-time friend of the family. He grew up playing little league with Matt, Brian, and Dana.
Checking out the swollen eye.  "He'll never talk back to me again!" she says.
Cyndi, whose son, Nick, also played little league with the boys, attends many games. Nick has since moved away for work, but she still makes an appearance here and there to support the guys.
Awwww my three guys.
And now, my six guys. I can't imagine a better group.

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