Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Recap

Picture style, of course.
I took the kids on a trip to Coeur d'Alene to celebrate Independence Day. We left early Thursday morning and ran into heavy traffic right at Horseshoe Bend hill. I even sat in completely stopped traffic in McCall for about 30 minutes. It was crazy. I expected that kind of traffic starting at about noon, but I left much earlier than that and was shocked to see the volume of people on the road already. Regardless, we made great time.
Thursday evening, it was really nice outside, so we had some pizza and hung out on the back patio. After the kids were tucked into bed, we broke out the Trivial Pursuit (a steady tradition) and adult beverages.
Around 11:00, Kendall came out and was burning up. She had a fever of 105.8. No joke. I decided to take her to the emergency room to see if something was really wrong. We received virtually no medical care at the hospital and I ended up leaving after hearing, at 1:00 in the morning, that it was going to be another two hours, after having already waited two hours. Poor girl. She maintained about a 102 fever the entire weekend. Not sure what the deal was, but I watched her closely.
Friday morning, we had a nice breakfast and then got ready to hit the parade. Compared to the Boise parade, this one was very lame. They didn't even throw candy for the kids! What kind of parade doesn't toss out candy?
After we got home from the parade, we left Dana in charge of the kids (napping) and scouted out the two lakes for spots to watch fireworks. Hayden Lake was already packed to the max, so we opted for Coeur d'Alene instead.
There were tons of vendors and live music set up. I wish we had gone earlier in the day. We got to the beach about two hours before the fireworks started, and it was already filling up quickly. We managed to snag a great spot and settled in while the kids played in the sand and water.
There was a large barge out on the lake, where the fireworks were set off. I put the camera away and enjoyed the show, and snuggled quite a bit with Kendall, who was NOT at all thrilled about the loud booms.
Saturday was a lazy day. We had another good breakfast and then Veronica, her sister, and I headed out to grab some senior pictures (of her sister). We mainly stayed around Hayden Lake and I will share those pictures in another post.
Afterwards, we all hung out in the pool and then I made a big dinner for everyone.
We also decided to hit up one of the fireworks stands and do some of our own fireworks, a day late. We just grabbed little things for the kids, and I got royally ripped off by trying one of those finale displays. Apparently it was supposed to last eight to ten minutes. I timed it. One minute. That's $25 I will never get back.
Such big open skies up north.
The mustard fields were quite the show on the drive home. The kids were sleeping, but I still pulled over to grab a quick phone pic.

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