Tuesday, February 11, 2014

R.I.P. Kya

If you had told me two months ago that I would be burying my two and a half year old dog, I would have laughed. Right around Christmas time, Kya stopped eating her regular food. We figured she was boycotting it because she didn't like it. We got a different food for her, and she seemed to take to that really well. Then she stopped eating that food as well. We would try giving her things like a ham bone, or turkey from Christmas, but she would always throw it right back up. I finally got her some canned dog food. She would scarf that down in seconds. She dropped a ton of weight, her bones were sticking out, and she was just so lethargic. She finally stopped eating the canned food and I knew something was up.
I took her to the vet yesterday and he immediately said something major was going on. He drew some blood and sent it out for testing, gave her a fluid injection, and sent me home with some special food for her. I literally had to force feed her that food. She had zero interest in it and would just lie there, not moving. The vet called me this morning with the lab results, and ultimately diagnosed her with kidney failure and some form of pancreatic cancer.  My mind is blown that this can happen to a dog who is less than three years old.
I waited on the vet to get some more conclusive lab results, but in the end, everything came back pointing to a very, very poor prognosis for Kya. I needed to take into account her quality of life.
The plan was to take her in tomorrow and have her put down. I didn't want her to suffer, and forcing food down her throat is not how I wanted her to spend her final time days or hours.
Tonight, I brought her in and brushed her so she would be pretty. Half way through, she started acting like she was going to throw up, so I put her outside. The vet made it clear that if she started vomiting, we needed to take her in right away. I knew there was no way I could take her and sit with her. I called Eric and had him bring the kids to me, and they said their goodbyes. Carter is absolutely devastated. I tried to explain to him that Kya was really sick, and that we needed to remember the good times with her. He is sure going to miss her. Eric took Kya to a 24 hour vet about an hour ago and just called me to say everything is done. I am still reeling from how quickly this all happened. I'm stunned that this could happen to a dog so young. I know there is nothing I could have done to prevent it, but her short life just hits me so hard. She was still very much a puppy, totally healthy and active months ago.
There is a huge hole in my heart. I hate that she's not in my house, and never will be again. I miss my friend so much.

Kya was such a good puppy. She really wasn't a wild, crazy puppy like most are. She was very chill, and very good with the kids. She LOVED chasing Carter around the yard.
Huskies aren't known for being the easiest dogs to train, but she seemed to do just fine with the basic commands. The big problem we had with her was running off. The second she was off leash, she would take off, and that dog could run like no other dog I have seen. And she jumped like a deer. There were several evenings of chasing her around the neighborhood, trying to find her.

Most of all, Kya was a gentle soul. She was never mean to other dogs, always wanted to play, and was content just lying there, being pet.

She was such a beautiful girl. We received compliments on her wherever we took her. Everyone wanted to pet her.

She only got to go on one camping trip with us, last fall. I was really unsure as to how she would do, considering her love for running off. I figured she would run off into the forest and never return....off on some grand adventure. But she surprised us all and stayed in camp the entire time. She explored quite a bit, taking in the new, mountain scents. I can tell she had a great time. And she sure loved the swimming hole!

I took these pictures with her tonight. I set the timer on my camera and we had some quiet moments, saying our goodbyes.
I don't know if you were in pain, sweet girl. If you were, you sure didn't show it. I know the pain is now over for you, but my heart is just broken.  I waited my whole life to have a husky and two and a half years just wasn't enough. I will miss you terribly! I love you, sweet girl.

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