Wednesday, February 26, 2014

PSA #7

Yes, this is directed to you, CB. I have asked you on more than one occasion, in writing and over the phone, to stop. I'm fully aware of what you are doing - there are tracking programs on all of my websites you visit, which store your IP address(es) and location.  It's downright creepy.  At what point do you become a grown woman and mind your own business? You are crossing the line, and this is my last warning:  STOP. The next warning will be a chat, in person. You have no qualms with contacting me at my work; let's see how you feel when the tables are turned. If you want to do this, then let's do it.


CreativeMish said...

OH no! Why would someone stalk you?

Jenn said...

She cyber stalks my every move. It's annoying and she had no business keeping tabs on my life.