Monday, February 24, 2014

A Girls' Weekend!

So this weekend was our girls' weekend for wedding dress shopping for Veronica. My mom, Heather, and I made the trek from Boise to Coeur d'Alene early Friday morning. We had fairly decent roads the entire drive, and made good time. The drive was incredibly scenic and I hope to do it again soon when I have time to make more stops along the way. Winter in Idaho truly is breathtaking and my goal is to some day get back off the road, out into the land, and into more unchartered territory.
Friday night was spent catching up with Dana and Easton.
Abi also showed us a trial-run of some of the contenders for centerpieces for the tables at the wedding. Lots of crafty stuff going on!
Veronica's sister in law, Abi, also made the trip to Coeur d'Alene to join in the fun. We all headed to downtown Coeur d'Alene (yes, there is such a thing) for a fantastic dinner at Fire.
We all got up early Saturday morning (Easton is definitely an early riser) and played musical bathrooms until everyone was ready to go. Veronica had made four appointments at different bridal shops/boutiques, so we had a busy day ahead of us!
Veronica had good luck at the first shop, finding two dresses that were definitely on her list. The second shop was very small and didn't yield anything of interest. The third shop was quite snooty and Veronica only tried on one dress. They made it clear to her that she really couldn't afford their selection. We gladly took our business elsewhere. She ended up finding THE dress at the fourth and last stop. It's a gorgeous dress and fits her style perfectly. It has everything she had been piecing together throughout the day. Yes, I have pictures of it, and her in it. No, I'm not sharing. ;)
Saturday evening was spent at Dana and Veronica's house. My mom made us some pasta for dinner, and then the whole group played a round of Trivial Pursuit. There was quite a bit of rum involved for Veronica and me, so it was a really fun night and definitely lots of laughs that I needed. To be honest, wedding dress shopping while you are going through a divorce is not the best of times. It was a bittersweet day, but I'm glad that I was there to celebrate with Veronica.
The drive back to Boise was stressful for the first half. It was snowing hard when we left Coeur d'Alene, and didn't stop until we reached Lewiston. I think the stench in Lewiston drove the weather away. Everything after Lewiston was clear and dry and we made good time the second half of the trip. The picture below is at Lawyer Canyon. This is an area I definitely want to go hike and explore. It was gorgeous with all the snow painting the trees. This type of railroad bridge (trestles) really catches my eye. There are plenty of them throughout the Camas Prairie, all abandoned.

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