Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Sledding Weekend!

After the whirlwind few weeks we have had lately, it was time to get the kids and get out of this town. The kids have done really well with the custody schedule, but I knew a long time ago when I set up this trip to the cabin, they were going to need some sort of "reward" for being such troopers. And with the passing of Kya this last week, this adventure was needed even more!  I got off work early on Friday, packed up the rig and the kids, and hit the road. My parents also joined in on this trip.
The roads were clear pretty much the whole way up - wet in spots, but never snow covered. The closer to the cabin we got, the slushier it became. Even the lot at the cabin was pretty slushy. But the snow - OMG! I haven't seen that amount of snow at the cabin in years! It was well over mid-way to the tops of the ground floor windows. So fun! I love it when there is that much snow!
Since it was Valentine's Day and all, my mom grabbed a heart shaped pizza for the kids for dinner. They loved it!  Then we went through the goodies they received at their class parties. I always loved Valentine's Day in school. I remember decorating our boxes and passing out our cards, candy, etc. to all of the other kids in class. Carter's class decorated coffee cans and attached handles to them. It was a really cute idea!
Saturday, we spent all of the morning and half of the afternoon inside due to the rain. It poured! After nap time, the rain finally let up and we took that chance to throw on our snow gear and head out for sledding! We had originally planned to use some of the hills over by the fishing ponds, but it was so slushy that we really couldn't even get to those hills. So we settled for the area across from the cabin, up at the church. The plow had already been there earlier in the day, so the road up was totally cleared. We found a fun little hill that was just right for the kids and had such a fun time!  Here are some pictures of our adventure!
Kendall, being a card shark like her mama.
Checking out the snow.
At the Y Program, there is a pool table. Carter plays every single day, so of course he had to challenge his Papa at the cabin!
My dad had to dig out the windows because the snow was so high and the weight would eventually break the windows. He called that piece of wood "the original snow board". ;) He would stand on top of it as he shoveled so he wouldn't fall through the deep snow.
Kendall giving Jesse some loves.
Heading out for sledding!
Carter is killing me with this smile. I swear, ever since he started losing his teeth, he can't figure out how to smile a big, goofy grin. Poor kid!
Jesse was all over the place while we were sledding. Mostly, she liked to tackle us at our landing spot.
I finally talked Kendall into going down with me. She wasn't too sure about this sledding thing. I think she only went down three times total.
How's that landing, Papa? And how is your back feeling?
I absolutely adore this picture of my parents with Kendall. 
Digging out a snow fort.
The sun peeked out for a few moments this morning while we were packing up, so I headed out to the deck to snag a few shots.

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