Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Up In The Fresh Air

I decided to do a separate post about our trip to the mountains on Sunday. I wanted Brittney's post to be entirely about her. When Eric told me he wanted to take Brittney to the mountains to bury her, we decided to just make a day trip of it.  The second I stepped out of the car and smelled that mountain air, my entire day got better. There is not a scent on this earth that compares to fresh mountain air. It is one of the most peaceful things to me. We did quite a bit of fishing after we buried Brittney, further up on the north fork of the Boise River. Surprisingly, it wasn't running very high. There have been times that river has been so swollen and flood-ready that fishing wasn't even a possibility. But Sunday was perfect.  Kendall and I stayed at the river's edge in our chairs, watching the boys fish. It was a very relaxing afternoon.

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