Monday, June 17, 2013

The Braces Adventure - Post-Op (almost) Four Weeks

So here I am, almost four weeks post-op. I am hating life and wondering WTF I have done to my mouth. The gums between my two front teeth are so, soooo sore. All day long. Ibuprofen doesn't even help, so I gave up on that.
I saw the oral surgeon again today and he said he is really pleased with my progress. The molars are moving out to where they need to be to correct the cross-bite on my left side. The gap has created plenty of room to bring down my one tooth, and to correct the midline. So in that respect, I am really happy about this. The physical limitations are killing me - the lisp, the liquid diet (though I have lost 20 lbs total so far), the annoying pain from the brackets being pushed into the insides of my cheeks, etc. The list really goes on. I find my energy level is really low - obviously, I'm not loading on calories and carbs anymore. I am exhausted in the evenings and wake up even more exhausted. It is a fine art of eating throughout the day so that I don't reach the level of HANGRY. But let me tell ya, soups are getting old.
I go back in to see the orthodontist tomorrow so he can see what we did to my face. He will let me know if I'm done expanding - the correct answer would be YES, YOU ARE DONE. I am thinking one more month and then the wires go on my teeth and we begin the real movement.
Here is a link to the most recent video I did:

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