Sunday, June 9, 2013

R.I.P. Brittney

Today was a tough day at our house. I took the kids out to play mid-morning and noticed right away that something was wrong. Kya was lying next to Brittney - something that she never does. She's usually up and greeting us the second we walk out the door. I went over to the dogs and noticed that Brittney was laying at a strange angle. I sat down with her and realized she was having a really hard time breathing. I knew I had to get Eric home from work as soon as possible. I called the front desk and had them page Eric. I told him something was wrong with Brittney and I didn't know if he wanted me to take her to the vet, if he wanted to come home, etc. He told me he was coming right home. I sat back down with Brittney and told her that she needed to wait for her dad, and started bawling. I'm not sure why I got so emotional - she wasn't my favorite dog ever, I didn't have her from a puppy, and she never once listened to me. Except when I asked her to wait for Eric. She did. He got home and sat down with her and told her to go to sleep. She fought it for a little while, but eventually passed away. Eric really wanted to take her to the mountains and bury her near where we camp. So we made a day trip of it, packed up some food and the kids, and headed to the mountains. We found a great spot up Rabbit Creek road, near First Creek, and put her in her final resting place. I didn't expect to be hit so hard by this, but she really was a good dog. I will miss her.
Date of Birth:  8-17-2002
Date of Death: 6-9-2013
Brittney had a lover named Hurley. They apparently had a wild night and 10 puppies later, Brittney was a mom!
 10 puppies - can you imagine?
Brittney was Eric's loyal companion, friend, and adventure seeker. She was always by his side while he was fishing and camping.
Even though she was a turd camping sometimes - getting into it with a skunk and forcing us to vacate camp in the wee hours of the morning.
Fishing at Lake Lowell
At the swimming hole at the cabin.
She sure was great to my kids - always so protective.
Just last weekend.
Her final resting place in the mountains - with a neat stone marker and some flowers that we transplanted for her.
Rest in peace, puppy dog. We sure will miss you.

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