Friday, May 10, 2013

The Disneyland Adventure: Part 3

Day 3 was also spent at Disneyland. We had a storm first thing in the morning, which really made me nervous for the rest of the day. Once the storm cleared out, though, the rest of the day was okay. There were showers here and there, but again, nothing that stopped us from having a great time!
We knew Merida was going to be over by Toon Town this day, so that's where we started the entire day. Carter had quite the conversation with her - love birds in the making, clearly. Maybe it was her accent.
Next, we ventured into Toon Town. This place was brand new when I was there as a kid. This was definitely one of Carter's favorite spots in the whole park.
 Lift those weights, kid!
He also got to meet Daisy Duck, which was totally unexpected. We figured Donald would be there, but we didn't see him.
Even though Carter had already seen Minnie on Saturday, we ventured into her house to meet her again.
I remember this dishwasher like it was yesterday.
Of course, he had to kiss her again. I'm going to have to keep my eye on these two!
We also stopped in Mickey's house - another that I vividly remember.
 Carter got to play around in Chip and Dale's Treehouse.
And we also went on Toon Town's tiny rollercoaster. This thing literally takes only 46 seconds - we timed it. Fast, but pretty intense!
We also spotted the Mad Hatter roaming around, talking a mile a minute. I can't imagine playing this character day after day - the guy has to be hoarse by the end of the night!
Carter really wanted to meet Rapunzel, and we waited in line for a good 20 minutes before they announced that she was done for the day. We were only two people away by that point, and Carter was pretty sad that he didn't get to meet her.
As we were walking back by the castle, we saw a sign that showed a 5 minute wait time for the Disney Princesses. We figured one of them would be in there, but there were three. Carter was in hog heaven! First up was Aurora - he has a BIG crush on Aurora. He was very pleased to meet her!
 They chatted. She admired his sword and asked if he was killing the dragons.
He told her all about it.
And we finally got our picture!
Next up was Ariel! She wasn't very conversant, so it was a quick visit with her.
Cinderella, on the other hand, was another of his favorites. She asked him if he was a brave prince with his sword. And if he would protect her and keep her safe.
And if he was an honorable prince. It really went on and on and was quite comical!
We happened by a shooting range in Frontier Land, so we spent a few minutes shooting down the bad guys.
Next up was my favorite ride - The Pirates of the Caribbean. I totally remember this being so much bigger as a child, but I guess perspective changes as you get older. It was still so fun and Carter loved the pirates!
 Of course, another pitch black ride, so excuse the blur. We were specifically told to not use flashes.....though I did at the very end for a quick shot of Mr. Jack Sparrow. I had to!
I couldn't convince Eric to get on the river boat, so I snapped a picture as we walked by.
We got Carter into the Haunted Mansion, pretty much by not mentioning exactly what it was. He made it clear that he didn't want to go in the scary places. But it really wasn't all that bad, and he liked it.
 Next up, Splash Mountain! I don't think I went on this as a kid because I have zero memory of it. But it was a total blast! We got soaked to the bone.
And yes, here's the obligatory shot that everyone is laughing about. Seriously, that drop is intense!
Next, we went over to Pooh's neck of the woods. Rabbit was there, but Carter didn't want to see him. Pooh was "on a break", but guess who WAS there?
We went on Pooh's adventure, which was also dark and winding.
(Splash mountain from a distance)
New Orleans Square
We happened by this street band and I pulled Carter into a dance, which won us some beads!
He also got to meet Aladdin, which was pretty cool! 
During one of the rain showers, we stopped into this little theater just in time to catch Beauty and the Beast. It was a very brief version, but hilarious!
Trying to pull the sword out of the stone!
He also stopped at a wishing well to make a wish.
Snow White's Garden.
We found a great spot for the parade, and Carter made yet another lady friend. Seriously, this is becoming a problem. Right as the parade was supposed to start, they announced that due to the weather (there was no weather), they were cancelling the main parade and replacing it with a mini version.
It literally consisted of three cars. Total rip-off. I was pretty irritated because it wasn't raining and we had skipped the parade the day before to catch this one. So the fireworks and the parade at Disneyland were a total bust for us. Bummer!
We also stopped at a tiki hut to catch a show, which ended up being super cheesy. But it was another opportunity to rest our legs. I'm telling ya, three days of 9-12 hours of walking really takes a toll!
His pirate face.
The Minnie ears I bought for Kendall.
The top of the pirate ship.
All in all, the vacation was a total success. The rain caused a couple of hiccups, but nothing that dampened our spirits. I'm glad I was able to give Carter (and us) this memory. It was great to spend those days with just him and those smiles, laughs, and looks of pure joy are something I will never forget.

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