Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Braces Adventure - surgery

So Friday I went in for surgery - rapid palate expansion and removal of all four wisdom teeth. Routine thing, supposed to be in and out, with release from the hospital Saturday afternoon. The surgery Friday was delayed by a couple hours and I don't really remember being back to my room until about 6:00 that night. They told me at that point that there was a complication with some bleeding, but they got everything under control. In scrolling through my phone log, I see I placed a few phone calls that evening.....which I vaguely remember. One to my brother for sure, and I specifically remember hearing "I LOVE it when my sister is on drugs!" Apparently I was all the entertainment anyone needed. Awesome! Friday night was a long night of lots of nausea and throwing up of blood. The two nurses who were there to help me get up to use the restroom exchanged worried looks as they saw the vomit bag full of blood. At that point, they paged the surgeon to see what needed to be done. They scheduled the operating room for 7:00 Saturday morning and I was taken right back in so they could stop the bleeding before too much got to my lungs and stomach. The second surgery hit me really hard because I obviously hadn't even recovered from the first. I made some phone calls to let people know I was headed back in for surgery, and they wheeled me in. I think I was back to my room by 10:00 or so.  I was finally discharged to go home Saturday evening. Saturday night and Sunday morning are quite a blur for me - that "fog" from anesthesia is quite disorienting. I feel like that fog finally lifted last night, which may be why I slept horribly.
I went back in to the surgeon today and he assured me that I looked great. That was really nice to hear because I woke up this morning really angry and really regretting this decision. Talking is the hardest part. I feel like no one can understand me, though they all assure me they can. So it must sound worse in my head.
Here is a video from today: http://youtu.be/WDmL9vQZeVc 

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