Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Braces Adventure

Well, they are in. As well as the expander. I am less than pleased about the expander and my knee-jerk reaction is to go right back and have them take it out. Nevermind on fixing my midline. Nevermind on fixing the cross-bite. I will deal with those. Just make my teeth straight and we'll call it a day. Everything about the expander is awkward. It looks so small sitting on the counter at the orthodontist, but inside my mouth, I feel like it leaves me with zero room. I can't eat, can't drink, and I sound like a complete idiot when I talk. Since my tongue can't reach the top of my mouth, swallowing is extremely difficult - I always feel like there is residual food/drink in my mouth. I find myself swishing, A LOT. I can't form some words, which really makes me feel like I have a speech impediment. Six months with the expander sounds like an eternity.
Surgery is still scheduled for tomorrow, though insurance is dragging their feet on giving the approval. The surgeon called again today to bug the insurance people - they told him to NOT cancel the surgery and to call back this afternoon for a decision. Seriously - talk about last minute. I hate insurance companies for this very reason. We pay all this money for coverage, and then have to fight tooth and nail just to get approval for something. Let's not even get started on all things that are corrupt.
In six months, I know this will have been worth it.
In two years, I will definitely say this has been worth it.
Today? Screw it. This is NOT worth it and I want the expander out of my mouth.

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