Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yellow Flower

(disclaimer:  I seriously had no other creative name for the title of this "Yellow Flower" it is)

Last week, I decided it was time to replenish my supply of actions and textures.  I'm a huge action user for Photoshop, but not so much a texture person.  Mostly because they are just a lot of work; however, they do add a fun dynamic to the right photo.  So I found some awesome deals through My Four Hens Photography, using some codes she hands out to those who like her Facebook page.  (you can find her site here: )  I got several action sets and some textures as well.

Then, my mother in law sent me a link to another site that was having a killer deal on some more textures, so I helped myself.  The link to this site is here:

Since I'm diving into textures more and more, I decided to properly educate myself on how to use, apply, and edit them with my photos.  There are some wonderful tutorials here:

I'm using lots of the actions and textures on the two weddings I'm currently editing; however, for a quick sample, I ran out front and snapped a picture of the yellow flowers that I have blooming at the moment.  And I played around with some textures, and here are three samples I played around with:


♥Jacqueline said...

Those turned out really nice! Textures are a lot of fun! :)

Creative Mish said...

I love using textures but I have a hard time deciding which photo's and which texture to use. Your flower looks great