Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Project 2011: Through His Eyes, Part 32

Here are Carter's pictures from last week:

 He is super proud of these little kid work gloves - his papa wears the same ones (in adult size obviously), and Carter says "I have to put on my gloves so I can do hard work."  It's so cute!! Eric found them in Stanley last weekend when we were at the cabin and they are just a tad too big, so he will be able to wear them for quite some time.....for that hard work, ya know.  ;)
 Daddy and Kendall
 These self portraits he does crack me up.  This was in the car while running errands.
 These were some new flowers I got - he apparently likes them.
 And the tomato plants that are growing like crazy.
And a tomato of course.

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