Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stepping Out on a Limb

So my office manager's husband is kind of a photography buddy of mine....though he does entirely different stuff than I do.  He's more of just a hobby dude, with a love for the great Idaho outdoors.  (aren't we all?)  But he gets out a lot more than I do to capture what Idaho has to offer.  He doesn't do much with the weddings or portrait stuff.  So we do have some differences. 

Last year, he entered some of his work in the photography contest at the Western Idaho Fair, and this year, he talked me into doing the same.  It was super short notice, so I really had to scramble to get my pictures (you can only submit three) printed, mounted, and submitted.  And when I was down at the Expo Building yesterday submitting my photos, there were a LOT of people there.  Really made me nervous, I'm not going to lie.  And they ended up taking only two of my submissions because my one of Kendall was considered "nudity".  Apparently they had some strange dude a year or so ago who tried to submit a nude photo of himself (creepy, right?), and ever since then, they had to crack down on the rules for what is and isn't considered nudity.  And to play it on the safe side, they just consider it ALL nudity.  So I am down to just two submissions this year and that's totally fine.  I was very picky in what classes I submitted...and next year, I will be even more picky because I'm not going to wait 'til the last minute, lol!

So, here's wishing ME good luck!  There are some small cash prizes to the winners; but honestly, it's all about exposure.  There are tens upon tens of thousands of people who go to the Fair every year, and having my name out there for all of them to see (whether I win or not) is totally awesome!

I'll keep you updated on how it goes....and when I go down there later in the week to check out the submissions/winners, I will post some pictures.  :)


♥Jacqueline said...

Ha! I thought about doing that last year but chickened out. Good luck! You definitely have more balls than I do! ;)

Creative Mish said...

It doesn't hurt to enter even if you don't win... It just a new challenge. I've thought of entering something painted but I would want something special and it would be extra time consuming.. My friend Diana entered her china painting a couple of years ago and won.