Saturday, August 27, 2011

Introducing Kya!

Well we added another member to our family.  I have to say, I have spent years and years browsing the internet, trying to find a husky that was both local and affordable.  Sometimes I would find one that was local, but definitely not within my price range.  And other times, I would find one that was within my price range, but it was too far away.  Well, last week I finally stumbled upon someone local, who had a litter of five husky pups AND the price was right.  So I practically drove like a maniac to the person's house, because I knew these puppies would go fast.  And they did.  They were all gone within 2 days, so I got there just in time and still got the specific puppy I wanted.  We played with her a bit and then brought her to our house - her new home.

 I have seriously wanted one of these dogs my entire life and I am beyond excited to finally have one!  She is the cutest little dog and so fun to play with!
 The first night, she slept inside with us....because I'm a softy and all.  But after that first night, she has been an outside dog at night, and she has done really well.  No whining, no barking, no chewing.  That makes me a very happy mama!
 And Carter just loves playing with her - she is pretty much his size right now, so they make good play partners.  And she totally snuggles up to Kendall, too.  Melts my heart!

 I got her a collar last night and we'll be going to the pet store Monday to get more stuff for her, including ID tags.  The person who sold her to me told us that one of the other pups had been stolen right out of their front yard.  Seriously - who steals puppies?!
So that's the newest member of our family. And we are nuts, right? A baby AND a puppy?  Yeah, we have our work cut out!


♥Jacqueline said...

she is sooo cute! local breeders with a good price are definitely hard to come by, completely understand that! welcome kya! :)

Creative Mish said...

She is beautiful and will be loved!

♥Jacqueline said...

oh yeah, you should check out etsy for some tags, they're oh so cute ;)