Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Cabin - A Recap

This last weekend, we headed up to the family cabin for a long weekend away from city life.  It was nice to get away from the "busy" that life throws at us sometimes.  To a place where you can listen to the light roar of the river (which is still running quite high) as you call asleep at night....where 4 wheeler rides and throwing rocks at the swimming hole make up your day.  It's bliss, I tell ya.  Here are some pictures from our mini-vaca.

Carter loves the hammock - in fact, he would stay in this thing 24 hours a day, if 4 wheelers weren't at the cabin.  ;)

 Eric spent quite a bit of time fishing...he even caught several keepers!
 The happy child on his favorite thing in the whole, wide world.
 And even Miss Jesse gave me some cute photos.

 And on one particular 4 wheeler ride, Carter found himself a toad.  Imagine my joy when he strolled up with that thing.  ;)
 So Eric pulled out one of those styrofoam coolers and they built a little temporary habitat for the toad.  As you can see, Jesse was VERY interested in the toad.....she wanted a snack!
 And we had to keep reminding Carter to hold the toad gently.....sometimes he was squeezing just a little too hard!

 On Saturday evening, I had to head into Stanley, which is about an hour's drive from the cabin, to shoot a gorgeous mountain wedding.  If you have never been to Stanley, I highly, HIGHLY recommend it.  The Sawtooth Mountains are breathtaking, and there are numerous hiking trails of all various levels of difficulty.  I paused for a picture with my sweet girl before I left.
 Sunday, Eric took Carter fishing all day in Stanley.  So Kendall and I spent some girl time down at the river with my family.  Jesse did her usual - jumping and diving for rocks.  She's hard to entertain. ;)

 And despite my father's wishes, Kendall and I floated around in the raft.  It actually put her right to sleep!
 When Eric and Carter got back from fishing, they joined us at the swimming hole for a bit before dinner.

Dinner was actually prepared by Eric - one of The Cheesecake Factory recipes - it was definitely a crowd pleaser!!

More pictures from the Stanley wedding coming soon!


♥Jacqueline said...

It's a good thing you didn't let your dog eat that frog. I just heard the other day that there's some sort of ooey gooey stuff that seeps out of the frog that can cause the dog to foam at the mouth. Now, I'm not too sure on the validity of this information, but I thought to share it with you anyway :)

Creative Mish said...

Oh the good ole days of catching frogs with camping... wait until he brings a snake home to you :)