Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Adventures

We started out with a bath. Always fun.....big mess for mama to clean up.
Then we went over to Grandma Barb's. We played with kitchen stuff - which seems to be way more exciting than actual toys.....that cost a lot of money. Go figure.
And while we were highlighting mama's hair, we played with Carter's a bit. Eric will kill me for taking this picture. Muahaha.....what are mom's for? I have to set up scenarios for those dates in the teenage years, right? I knew you would understand. Then we played in Grandma's old rocking chair.
Then, we went over to Grandma Michelle's house for a yummy dinner. Aunt Ashley gave Carter his first big hair cut. It went.......not so well. It was a battle, to say the least! I'm sure every mother who has been through this knows what I'm talkin' about. It started out ok.
Then went downhill rather quickly. I caption the picture below "is this thing loaded?" and I know I shouldn't. It's nothing at all to joke about. But darn, it's funny! He wanted to be done N-O-W.
We had to have a mommy intervention. I tried my best to talk him into being good.
He opted to not take my advice. Hey, that's cool. We will have many talks like this. In the end, after many years of growing, most children realize that moms really DO know what they are talking about.
And this WAS necessary. I wasn't going to leave the haircut half done.
And in the end, we had to bring in the big guns, Nemo himself.
All done! Whew!!

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