Monday, September 15, 2008

First Birthday Party

Yesterday, we had Carter's first birthday party. Lots of family and friends were there and it was a ball! He had so much fun and got spoiled ROTTEN.
Carter with his great aunt Cristie.
Opening presents with Dad.
Kind of getting the hang of how to open them. He wanted to play with the boxes more than the toys! (at first)

So many toys to pick from!
All these big boy toys!
And everything makes noise....LOTS of noise.
He got a big boy learning chair.
And stuff to play wonderful music.
A stand-up table.
Push-along trucks with tons of legos!

The cake.

Poor guy! I think there were just too many people in his face and he was really confused with the whole process.
Look at the stare-down to the candle!
What do I do, mom?
Like this? THIS!

What a mess!

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Michelle said...

Such a cute little boy! Time sure flew by quick!!