Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time for Some Change

As we get older (the child, not me. Because I don't age) and reach the milestone of one year old, it's time to make some changes in our diet.
Last night, the hubby (hee hee) and I grilled up some steaks (ok, so he prepped them and grilled them), baked some potatoes (ok, so he did that too) and had corn on the cob (geez, he prepared that too.............at least I went to the store and bought all the stuff!!! "A" for effort, thank you very much) for dinner. It was de-lish. And of course, the child wanted some samples of ALL of it. So I gave him some corn. Loved it. Gave him some baked potato (which he has had numerous times before....cuz he has 8 teeth and all). Loved that too. He pretty much devoured my whole plate, which is an accomplishment for ME folks, because I just don't share food.
So we decided last night that the child's diet is going to change. We are ditching the baby cereal. He can have real cereal now.....Cheerios, etc. (Daycare informs me that he has been eating Life, Cheerios, etc. with the "big" kids at their breakfast time. So we will do the same. I'm all for conformity.) So, last night, for his (second) dinner, he had his baby food, which was Gerber spaghetti and meat, no cereal, and real milk. He also devoured that. And he slept ALL night long. I was concerned that without the baby cereal to fill up his tummy, he would wake up hungry. Alas, I was wrong. As I'm sure all parents experience once or twice (wink).
So I think we are going to wean out the baby food altogether. He has shown that he can eat anything we eat (with obvious exceptions) and if we chop it down for him. He has had chicken, real spaghetti, any other form of pasta we have, peas, grean beans......basically any veggie we eat. So the transition will begin. We will use up the remainder of the baby food supply in our house, and leave some for back-up on those nights we just want pizza, or grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. And we'll see how he does with the real food and drink. Wish us luck!

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Michelle said...

This will be alot easier for you and he'll LOVE it!