Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Party Continued.....

So, since it was Sunday night, there weren't many bars open downtown Boise. I was quite bummed.....however, we managed to find one bar open. Cactus. And we took the place over. I still had many, many items from my "list" to fulfill and fortunately, we met a group of guys more than willing to be our co-adventure seekers. There were many shots had.....many. Several people were confused on what the night was about......even though I was decked out in my bachelorette sash and penis crown, people thought we were out to celebrate my birthday...or even Mardi Gras. I don't understand. Nonetheless.....it was a night to remember!
Here I am fulfilling one of my tasks.....to have 5 guys write down on napkins their marriage philosophy. I got some interesting napkins, that's for sure.

One lucky dude buying me a shot.

Another dude buying me a shot.

I had to be serenaded.....this lucky fella sang me a verse to a song I don't know. But it was much appreciated.

I had to kiss a bald man's head. This man wasn't fully bald....however, with only one bar open, my options were quite limited.

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