Monday, September 29, 2008

Time for Sledding!!

Ok, so not in THAT sense. We don't have snow....yet. (Mark my's going to be a baaaad winter.) Anyway, we went sledding inside the house tonight. We padded Carter in a laundry basket and pushed/pulled him all over the house. He was squealing like a little girl!!
This picture came out blurry and I'm so bummed! But it was an action shot and Carter was moving around like a mad man. I'm still glad I got his squealing though.

I'm not sure what's going on with Eric's face here. It's creepy. At least Carter is cute! Hee hee

Dang, that kid is just really, really cute. And I'm not even biased about it!

Push, mom!!

We had so much fun tonight.


Sandee said...

Eric kind of looks like Lance Bass with that "creepy" look. Carter is so adorable!

Michelle said...

This looks like fun! I want to play!