Sunday, September 21, 2008

Carter Update

So I need to catch up on Carter pictures. Everything has been about wedding and honeymoon for a while (with the exception of his first birthday pictures). So, here we go!
Relaxing with mom. Teething with molars......yes, times are FUN in our house most nights!
*sigh* He's just too cute.
Sampling some baked potatoes and corn.
I absolutely love this picture....playtime!
Can you find the child hidden within this mess?! The NEW play area! I packed up all the baby toys and moved all the toys from the first birthday in. Note: it does NOT look this organized right now.
I love this new camera. My old camera would have never made a cool photo like this. He LOVES balloons!
This little man is a cart-pushing machine! He loves playing with his cart, and the other toys that have wheels so he can push them and practice walking.
We have child-proofed most of the drawers/cabinets. Some really don't need it just yet. Example: the cabinet that has all the pitchers. He can't really do much harm there, so I let him play. Here he is after I walked around the corner and caught him.

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Michelle said...

He is pretty cute huh? I love the one with him pushing the toy!