Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

After sledding yesterday, we made a quick run to the store to grab stuff for dinner. I have never seen to kids eat so quickly - they knew the presents were up next!
Grumpy Cat
The two best buds.
I have also never seen two kids rip through presents as quickly as they did this year. Holy moly! I had to slow them down a couple of times because I swear they didn't even see what was in each box. Crazy kids!
After all of the gifts had been opened, we pulled up the Santa Tracker on the computer to see where Santa was in the world. We tracked him for about an hour, and once he hit the U.S., it was time for bed. Gotta be asleep before Santa stops by! ;)
Santa brought the kids a joint gift this year - they LOVED it! (whew!)
Merry Christmas to all - I hope you have wonderful memories with your loved ones. My kids are off with their dad for the weekend and I'm hopping a plane! See ya!

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