Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hey, Santa!

The other night, the kids and I started a list of things we wanted to do over Christmas break. It's quite the list! One of the things was to go see Santa, obviously. We actually knocked that off the list this evening! We went over to The Village and had such a fun time, despite the wind today.
When we got to Santa's Shop, there was NO line at all. Score for getting there early!
Absolutely no one was excited to see Santa this year. ;)
Not!  OMG they were an absolute riot. Carter had this long list of questions he wanted to ask Santa, but when we got in there, he totally clammed up. Chatty Cathy took over and I had to drag her off of Santa's lap to give him a break!
It was quite comical! They ended up telling Santa what they wanted most for Christmas, and then got coloring sheets, with crayons, and a candy cane. This place is so fun if you can catch it before the lines get too long!

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