Monday, December 14, 2015

It's Beginning to Look a lot...... Christmas!
This last week has been BUSY. Holy cow!
My brother and his wife are expecting a baby ANY DAY now, so my mom headed up to help them out. My dad and I have been hanging out quite a bit, which is always fun. We hit a BSU men's bball game this week and had a fantastic time. It was a nail-biter of a game! 
Then we made plans this weekend to get my outdoor Christmas lights up on the house. I went through all of the lights to do an inventory of what was working and to replace the bulbs that had burned out.
We also took the kids to get a Christmas tree. The lot where I got my tree last year really didn't have anything good this year, so I tried out a new place. I paid about double what I normally do, so I probably won't go back to that lot. But I did end up with a really nice looking tree. We loaded it up and got it all set up in my living room.
After my dad got the lights up on the house, I got started on decorating the tree and the inside of my house. Christmas has officially puked all over my house. ;) I love it!
Right as I was finishing up, all of the neighbor kids showed up to play. We have quite the issue going on, on our street right now, so the kids wanted to play inside where they would feel safe. My quiet afternoon of decorating quickly turned into a house of six kids having a gaming marathon. I truly love this group, so I'm glad my house is a safe place for them.
The rest of my weekend was devoted to baking. A TON of baking.
 I think I ended up with 14 dozen cookies, four different kinds. I also did a huge batch of chocolate covered peanut butter balls, and a chocolate/white chocolate macadamia nut bark. Hello! I dropped off platters to the Y for Carter, Kendall's preschool, and then took the biggest platter to work. While it's a ton of work, and my back is killing me, I love passing around homemade goodies this time of year.

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