Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Madness

This weekend was totally crazy with plans, but I think it's the last busy one for quite some time and I'm pretty okay with that.
Friday night was actually quite enjoyable - I didn't have the kids, so I worked a little late and then enjoyed the BSU game.  I also explored more of the Daring Greatly book.
While this quote isn't from the book itself, it is a quote worthy of posting. I really stick to the independent, tough girl mentality. It's hard for me to break down and ask for help, or to let someone take care of me. I've been working on this part quite extensively lately.
I have also been doing this lately:
Plasma donation! A good friend of mine works in the health care industry and has been harassing me to do my "good deed" and donate plasma on a regular basis. Had no clue you actually got compensated for it - so that little extra bonus is definitely nice.
Late September sure has been showing off some gorgeous sunsets! I had an engagement shoot Saturday evening and got to see an awesome sunset on my way home.
One of the things Carter got for his birthday was a science experiment - we have started one group of crystals and have been watching it daily to see the progress.
I also took the kids to see Hotel Transylvania 2 this weekend. I was really nervous for how Kendall would behave based on her first movie a couple years ago. I haven't taken her back since. But this time was totally different. She did so great! We really had a good time.
I sure love these kiddos!
We sat out with several neighbors last night to watch the eclipse. The kids didn't really care much for the moon show, but I had a great time chatting with the parents. Very relaxing way to end the busy weekend.

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