Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Family Visit - Pt 2

Saturday was another busy day. I did some cleaning and baking at home before heading back over to my parents' house for more fun. I dragged Dana into an adventure of acquiring a gun.....a girl needs one, ya know. ;) It was a fun little adventure. We then picked up my dad and Carter and headed off to a Boise Hawks game! There is nothing better than live baseball! (even if the Hawks suck this year)
Seriously, LOOK at Carter's face. He had been bugging me since the minute we stepped into the stadium for some food, toys, etc. I just wanted to enjoy some baseball! So when I took this picture, he clearly wasn't very happy with me. Cracks me up!
Can't do baseball with a hot dog!
Carter cheered up considerably after I put some food in his belly.
After the game was over, the let all the kids run the bases and then had a great fireworks display. There was an explosion at the end, which I'm not entirely sure was planned, but it was awesome. I got it on video, and then the video disappeared.
Definitely a fun night with my favorite guys!!

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