Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Family Visit - Pt 1

The last time Dana, Veronica, and Easton (and baby) were in town, it was for a super quick weekend trip for Matt and Lori's wedding. I feel like we maybe saw them for about eight minutes, though it was longer than that. So when they decided to come down for a long holiday weekend, I think we were all pretty excited for some serious get-together time. We actually packed in a TON of stuff for one weekend, so I'm going to break these posts down into three segments - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Friday was spent eating, visiting, eating, prepping Pinterest recipes (which were a total success!), eating, rooting on BSU, eating, and more eating. We had so much good food and I'm glad everyone had full bellies all night. Helped us swallow that questionable BSU win!  ;)
Hey, Easton!!
Give the kids a box and it equals entertainment for hours!
Did you all know Veronica is pregnant? We had no clue!!  ;)
I have no words for these two goofballs.
As the game went on and the night got later and later, the kids started dropping like flies. Easton and Carter were the first to give in, but Kendall fought it for such a long time. Those heavy eyes finally gave way to sleep though.
Stay tuned for more!!

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