Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Roatan Adventure, Day 5 and Coming Home

Wednesday was a very quiet day, we didn't have anything planned other than laying on the beach, reading, listening to music, and swimming in the ocean. It was nice to have a day that wasn't busy. I noticed a little crab digging a hole, so I snagged a picture of him. For some reason, these guys aren't as scary in the daylight. Seeing them at night is a different story because they are sneaky....or maybe it has something to do with the amount of alcohol in my system by then! ;)  Nonetheless, it was fun watching this little guy putt around and dig holes.

Not a bad view at all. The water temp in Roatan is at a steady 79 degrees, so it was nice and refreshing to take a little dip when the sun got a little too warm.

I also found out that there are TWO cruise ports in Roatan. I originally thought there was just one, which I was definitely staying away from considering the rash of recent violence on the island. One of the cruises left at dark one of the nights - it was all lit up with the decorative lights. This cruise left right before sunset on Wednesday. I figured with its course of travel, he was going to directly block my sunset shots, but it worked out just fine.

One of the main things I came to see in Roatan.

The lower the sun got, the deeper the red became.


Everything about Roatan was magical. I'm a huge lover of tropical places, so I was excited to get out and explore a place I had never been to before. It was everything I wanted it to be - busy to a point, and quiet island life as well. I loved the villa, too. It was in a perfect location and I would not hesitate to stay there again. The owners were there when we needed them, and had plenty of advice for all of our questions. They are only two years into the villa project, and have plans to add six more and another swimming pool. They definitely have life figured out! We stopped in West End one last time on the way to the airport to grab more souvenirs. Coming back was stress-free, no flight issues whatsoever. It was truly a place I will never forget, and I can't wait to go back to explore more!

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