Thursday, May 8, 2014

Make the Leap

The vast majority of humans are creatures of habit. We stay in the groove. We find something that works, and we stick with it. And why not? You know the saying....."if it ain't broke..." You know how it goes.  And on the opposite side of that, even when things ARE broken, humans are still creatures of habit. We stay in the groove. It's familiar. It's comfortable. We are scared of change.

However, what if:

Do you rise to the challenge? When things are broken, do you go out and get that "everything" that you've ever wanted? Or do you remain stagnant? Do you stick with the familiar and the comfortable, and ignore all of those "everythings" that truly are just out of reach?

This year has involved some major steps for me, well outside of my comfort zone. It's incredible what you find out there.

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