Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's Baby Time!

Last weekend, I had the chance to do my very first indoor shoot. I ordered a background set online (MUCH cheaper than Idaho Camera) and got it all set up. I don't have a lighting kit yet, so I had to make due with what was in my house. And let me tell you, I NEED a lighting kit. The low lighting in my house makes the pictures quite grainy, and I wasn't about to turn my flash on.

So cousins Coleton and Tahtiana were all dressed up in their Christmas outfits, and we made sure to have plenty of props to keep them busy and happy. I bought these huge peppermint sticks, and Coleton LOVED them. He was quite a messy boy by the time we were done!

And Tahtiana was just a doll in her little dress! It was glittery, so there were sparkles all over the place.
Coleton was quite impressed with her bow, so he kept trying to grab it off of her head. Too funny!

I even brought out Carter's big rocking horse for Coleton to try out.

Then I decided we were going to strip the babies down to their diapers and just wrap them all up in garland. I loved it!! It was so cute....and Coleton is such a chunk and chunky babies are the best!

Hopefully by the next indoor shoot, I will have my lighting kit and I won't have to deal with grainy, poorly lit pictures anymore. But for the meantime, these will do and they are naked can you not love them?!!!


Creative Mish said...

THey look great! I love chunky baby pictures!~

wendie said...

Very cute!

If you don't have your lighting by your next shoot, try lowering your ISO. That helps with grain a lot. If it was already low, well, I don't know what to tell you. And a good, general rule is to set your shutter speed equal to your ISO.

♥Jacqueline Toy♥ said...

This almost slipped past me! Very cute pictures! I'm hopin to get something extra helpful for Christmas so I can do the same thing... ;o)