Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'd Settle for a Slow Down

BUSY does not even begin to describe my life lately; this last week, especially. My family is experiencing some trying times, the burner on my computer bit the dust (and anyone who is a photographer can share in my panic when this happens) with four photoshoots looming in the near future, and my husband being out of town for work for six straight weeks is finally starting to take its toll.

However....."this, too, shall pass."
Or however that quote goes.

This week managed to pass without too many casualties. I spent a few nights on the phone (for hours at a time) with my friend Wendie's husband.....who is a computer whiz. We managed to fix some problems, make others worse, fix them again, and get off-track talking sports. But by the end of the weekend, it all seemed to come together. I managed to juggle two photoshoots Saturday (baby Christmas pics and family pics), talk my husband into taking me out to a much-needed dinner (cooking was well beyond out of the question), juggle another two photoshoots today (maternity pics and family pics), get a Christmas tree for my house, and many other smaller tasks in between.

And while I welcome (and enjoy) the supplement to my income the photography provides, the holiday season is busy enough without cramming in last minute photoshoots for those trying to beat the first snowfall of the season! Besides the weddings I have booked for next summer, I only have one more photoshoot booked for the remainder of this year and I'm quite all right with that. I'm ready for a slow down. I'm ready to sit down in front of the fire and just read a book, or hell, even fold some laundry! Anything but planting my face in front of the computer for hours-long editing sessions.

In the midst of all this chaos, I have managed to grab a picture of my little guy and me playing around. I wish I had more to share, but this one is good enough for now. I did get Christmas cards ordered today, but I won't spoil the reveal of THAT picture until it gets closer to Christmas.

'Tis the Season!!

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Creative Mish said...

It will be nice when Eric had work local again. It's not hard doing everything around the house and being alone. Great picture of you and the cutest little boy I know :)