Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Welcome summer!

This weekend was jam packed, and not really on purpose or by design, but it just worked out that way. I kicked of the weekend with drinks (ok, lots of drinks) with some of my favorite ladies. The patio weather was perfect downtown, so we had some good food, drinks, and laughs while gossiping about life, and mostly guys. It's what we do. ;)
A lot of my weekend was also soaked up by college softball and the super regionals, which never disappoints. So many good games!
The family got together for a big baseball/softball practice, which ended up being a really fun two hours. After that, we headed back to my place for a great BBQ. The weather was, again, perfect for being outside.
Of course the neighborhood volume level rose quite a bit when the slip 'n slide came out.

En epic cornhole tourney began and it was abundantly clear that my dad and I need to be recruited to a professional league. ;)
And after the kiddos were put to bed, out came the drinking games until the wee hours of the morning. Talk about a flash back to college days......and the 2-day hangover I am STILL nursing today not-so-gently pointed out that I sure can't recover like those college days. ;)
To cap off the long weekend, I took the kids up to Sandy Point to get some sun on our bodies and our toes in the sand. It was a great afternoon!

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