Monday, May 22, 2017

Disneyland Day 1

Disney! Disney! Disney finally happened! What an amazing trip, and we truly had such amazing weather, which is pivotal in Southern Cali.  I pretty much kept to the same schedule as the first time we visited - one day in California Adventure and two days in Disneyland. I had been watching the line wait times on the Disney app for several days and decided that the Radiator Springs Racers needed to be the first ride. Definitely the longest wait, and even longer as the day progressed into the evening. So as soon as we got to the park, we went straight for that line. Kendall had about 12 meltdowns in that line, wanting to go to a different ride. I explained to my first-time Disney girl that because all of the rides were super cool and fun, that meant a lot of people wanted to ride them, and that ALL of them had long lines. So we got that first line out of the way, and there wasn't another meltdown the entire trip. Whew!

Kendall's first plane ride!

Kendall LOVED how fast the cars went (seriously, they are so fun), and was holding her heart most of the race. I think that's when she realized these rides weren't little toddler rides from the fair. ;)

After that first ride, we needed to hop around to see various characters. Another genius part of the app is the ability to see the map where all the characters are, how long they will be there, etc. So we tracked down the must-sees, got autographs in their books, and took pictures. 

In addition to the characters that are designated to a specific spot, there are also various characters just walking the streets. Mrs. Incredible was one of those we almost ran into turning a corner. 

Sofia! Kendall absolutely loves this show. 

Since there are numerous Mickey and Minnie's all around the park, the lines to see them are typically really short.  

Right as we finished with Mickey, we turned around to see that we had just missed Minnie. Kendall gave a little lip quiver to the character escort (yes, those are a real thing), and she shhhh'd us and took us over to where Minnie was "getting a snack". The kids waited about five minutes, and were able to personally escort Minnie over to her next photo area. It was the cutest thing ever.  

 Kendall finally got to meet her Minnie!

After Minnie, we decided it was time to brave the line for Grizzly River Run, my favorite ride! Pluto was right on the way, so we made a pit-stop to say hello. 

Kendall kept asking if you get wet on this ride and I kept winking at her. If I had told her she would most likely get utterly soaked, I'm not sure she would have gone. Instead, she climbed aboard the raft and we had a great time!

We were beyond soaked when we got off the Run, so we made a quick stop to buy some hoodies for the remainder of the evening, and then hit more rides. 

It's too bad my children have ZERO personality. ;)

We caught the Pixar Parade, which is always fun (and nice to sit for a while).

Our last right was Ariel's Undersea Adventure, which was a perfect ending of the day for me....Kendall and I had a ball singing all the Little Mermaid songs. ;) 

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