Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Disneyland Day 2

The moment we walked into Disneyland on day two of the vacation, I knew it was going to be a great day. Right off the bat, we saw a character that doesn't get out much at Disney (or so the app said). Cruella DeVille! Let me tell you something - I could have sat on a bench and watched her for HOURS. What an entertainer! She had something special for every kid in the line, and the ad-libs that came out of her mouth were a riot. 

Of course, we had to stop at the Castle to see the Princesses! Aladdin was out front searching for Abu, so we stopped to say hello. 

Once we got inside the castle, Kendall got to meet her absolute favorite:  Snow White! I'm not sure why Snow White is her favorite, but the second we turned the corner and Kendall saw her, her entire face lit up!

I'm sorry, wait.....when did Carter get so TALL? :( 

While exiting the Castle, the evil stepmother and stepsisters strolled on by.  

The kids loved seeing Woody, and had several fun questions for him. 

Then we got to my favorite rides:  Pirate and the Haunted Mansion!  Kendall absolutely LOVED Pirates and I think would have stood in that 45 minute line several more times. 

Mother's Day at the Happiest Place on Earth?! Sure!

Another favorite for both kids was Splash Mountain. Poor Kendall thought that putting her hood up would keep her dry. Ha! Nice try, kiddo.


Another big favorite (ok, so they all were favorites) was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I love this ride, and it was easily Kendall's favorite. 

After tracking down some dinner, we found a great spot and waited for the Main Street Electrical Parade. What a seriously fun parade! The music was awesome and the floats were so fun.

After the parade was over, we switched positions to the street to watch the fireworks. Back when we took Carter, the fireworks were stopped after about five seconds due to rain (barely a sprinkle). This time around, we got to see the whole thing and it was fun to sing along to all of the songs. 

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