Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Disneyland Day 3

The strategy when we hit the park on the last day was to immediately head to the castle to see if we could see different princesses. We lucked out on one of them - Cinderella! (and if you are like me, you notice it's the same girl who played Anna the first day) Kendall was very excited to chat with Cinderella. 

We timed our departure from the castle perfectly, and were able to catch the Beauty & The Beast skit. We saw this last time with Carter, and it was just as funny as I remembered it. Basically, they cram the entire movie into a 22 minute production, and make fun of the entire thing. It's really funny for adults, and 99% of it goes right over the kids' heads.  AND always nice to sit down for a little bit to rest our legs. 

After the play, we booked it over to ToonTown to meet even more of our favorites!

Waiting for the Roger Rabbit cars.

We stood in line for what seemed like forever to get a tour of Minnie's house AND Minnie was there!

Kendall was most intrigued by the kitchen, especially the fact that Minnie's fridge was full of FAKE FOOD. She was rather concerned, and told me over and over that we needed to get some real food for Minnie. ;)  Cutest thing ever. 

Goofy's House 

We then toured Mickey's house, which is WAY bigger than Minnie's house, and has fun little gadgets all over the place. 

And of course, Mickey was there to say Hello!

The kids then decided we weren't going to do any more line waiting or rides......wait, NO Matterhorn? NO Space Mountain?!  WHAT?! They clearly didn't know what they were missing.....BUT to be honest, those wait times were insane for those rides, and I guess it was more fun for the kids to go as fast as they can to see as many characters as they could. 

Peter Pan was one of them.....and what a strange duck he was. 

 And Captain Hook!

And The Queen was there as well. I had Kendall open her autograph book to the page where Snow White signed, and The Queen was rather put of by this, asking if we had seen Snow White and that she had better be cleaning the castle, per orders. 

We went NEAR Space Mountain, but the kids immediately got sucked into the Star Wars mania. I truly can't stand the Star Wars series, but the kids really like it and apparently know everything there is to know about Star Wars. So we stopped and watched a little skit, and then went inside to meet Darth Vader and Chewy. 

While standing in line, Carter brought me up to speed on the various types of light sabers, helmets, battle tools, which side is good, bad, etc. 

We didn't get any pictures with Darth Vader because the dude was straight-up creepy and Kendall didn't want to stick around. But Chewbaca was definitely warm and fuzzy to the kids.

I had forgotten about Autopia, which is kind of tucked back in a corner and almost NEVER has lines, so we hopped in and took off! Kendall was adamant that she did NOT want to drive, so I took the wheel and we raced Carter. (girls won) 

And that was it for our vacation! We had a nice dinner outside of the park to wind down our stay, and then chilled in the hotel for a little bit before we all collapsed from exhaustion. It was a great trip with my kiddos and I sure hope they had as much fun as I did! Based on all the videos I have on my phone, I'd say it was a success. :)

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