Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Fair!

With tensions running high during this whole process of splitting and Eric moving out, we opted to do the family thing and take the kids to the fair together this year. I must say, the kids had a blast. Carter more than Kendall, though she did come into some major excitement about an hour before we left. We were standing there, trying to figure out what to do with this stack of tickets that weren't going to be used, when suddenly, Kendall wanted to hit every ride imaginable! It was pretty funny to watch her run like a wild child.
Watching her brother hit some rides.
First up for Carter, and then again SO.MANY.TIMES.
There were still a few rides that Carter was too short to ride. Maybe next year!!  (this mama's heart was kinda glad he couldn't ride some of the bigger ones)
And there are many rides I won't go on. Spinny crap? Hell no. I know my limits.
Carter got a strong stomach from Eric, so thankfully I get to sit these out.
I was able to get on a few, however. I had a blast with Carter on this one - but just one time. That's all I need. ;)
We also let the kids do a few of the carnival games.
Kendall was so excited to win a prize!
She LOVES these little boats. She rides them a few times every year.
Carter won this little guy doing a dart toss - we told him to throw as hard as he pitches. Worked like a charm!
Can't do the fair without fair food!
We also headed over to watch the Circus Imagination show - it was a really cute interactive show for kids. I thought it was darling. I really wanted Carter to volunteer, but he said he was "nervous". Funny how he's nervous about that, but jumped at the opportunity to hold an alligator. Logic?!
We also walked through the petting area - which always triggers my allergies in a bad way. This year was no different, and I suffered the rest of the day after this part.  :/
Carter is such an animal whisperer. He wants to pet and hug them all.
Kendall, however?
Not so much. She HATES big animals, even the smaller goats and sheep. But she, too, jumped at the opportunity to hold an alligator. Again, LOGIC?!
Ok, ok. The alligators. Awesome show. Definitely worth the time to catch a break in the shade and watch this dude wrestle an alligator up onto the stage area. And also worth the money to pay to hold the babies and pose for pictures.
His night? TOTALLY MADE. It was all he talked about.
After the alligators is when Kendall really got into the rides. We found that if we didn't suggest anything, but instead just hand her tickets and say "go, go, hurry before they close the gate", she went for it.
My favorite ride with Carter is the water "roller coaster", even though I get hurt on it every year. Last year, I totally banged my knee, and this year, I jacked up both of my shoulders bracing for the impact at the bottom. Same spot each year. Might be time to retire this ride - though getting thoroughly drenched DOES feel good on the hot summer days.
Fun house!
I love watching them do rides together.
She's telling us "these cars are going fast!"
Arrrrrgh matey!
They found 4 wheelers!
We missed the sea lion show, but we happened upon the area about an hour after the show was over and they were letting people watch the "practice". So cute!!
Despite the circumstances, this year's fair was really, really fun. We were all dog tired by the time it was time to head home and get ready for the first day of school.

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CreativeMish said...

I'm glad you guys had a fun time. Even though times aren't always fun. It's good for the kids :) and you, too.