Saturday, August 1, 2015

Italy Adventure - Part 4

Day five was spent mostly just roaming around random areas/streets. We didn't have any tours planned this day. We wanted to rent some bikes, but that plan fell through. Instead, we just did a ton of walking. We actually found a somewhat "American" breakfast that morning. Breakfasts in Europe are different than your typical American breakfast. They will usually just do a pastry of some sort and coffee/juice. Totally works for me because I'm not a big breakfast person, especially if I'm going to be walking a lot of miles immediately afterwards. But we found a place that had bacon, eggs, and toast. It was a nice treat! Then we set out exploring. A lot of these pictures are just typical streets in Rome.
One thing our Colosseum tour guide told us was that there are MANY colosseum types of ruins all over Rome - the main Colosseum just happens to be the most well-preserved.
We also stopped by this church with a gorgeous door. I wanted to see the inside, but it was all closed/locked up. Fortunately, there are many more to see - about 1,000!
We had lunch right by Santa Maria Maggiore, which is a really big church. There were lots of people going in and out, and some armed guards in the square out front.
One thing that was difficult about Rome was the lack of bathrooms. They were hard to find, with a lot of shops and restaurants not having them. One trick I learned was to duck into a hotel lobby and use their bathroom. Worked like a charm - except this one, where we took numerous hallways and staircases just to find one lonely bathroom. Quite the adventure!
Acquario Romano - house of architecture
We had a night tour of the Vatican scheduled, but decided not to do it since I was able to get the sneaky pictures of the Sistine Chapel the day before. However, we still walked back to the Vatican to get some night shots. Here are some more shots of the massive wall that surrounds Vatican City.
We sat in St. Peter's Square for an hour or so, people watching and just giving our feet a rest.
Typical parking lot - full of bikes/scooters and smart cars. There are so many people living in Rome, so all of the transportation is small. We never saw a truck or SUV.
On the way back to the apartment, we found the most delicious place for dinner - FINALLY a to-die-for meal!
I couldn't ever walk by the Colosseum without grabbing more pictures!

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